Not on purpose, life just took over and I just ran with it! Been working for a company where I get to take pictures of kiddos 9-5 and it's been a blast enjoying all various ages. Not having any kids this job sure does prep you for what every stage of life has in store. The sweet newborns who know nothing more than sleeping peacefully, to 6 month olds who start their ventures on sitting up on their own for the first time, and who can forget those cheeky two year olds. 

Needless to say I've been busy. But lately I have been taking time for myself and fulfilling my creative needs and taking on more freelance opportunities and let me tell you, it's been a blast! Shot my first Cosplay model (Costume Play) in a deep green Edmonds Wa. forest. What I think was the most fun was she was dressed in bubble gum pink and looked slightly dollish. Not to mention she was a trooper wearing heels and hiking in the woods! I'll add a picture to this post so you can see. 

Slowly generating referrals for my fun creative time off, while attempting to enjoy the last few weeks of this beautiful summer weather. Visited Springfield Oregon to see my Grandma (Mother's Mother) and shot some beautiful Mckenzie River pictures that need a blog post all on their own.