My, oh, my. August has been a busy one!! 
The end of Summer is near and I don't know about you, but I'm extremely sad about it. There's nothing better than all the happy people here in Washington enjoying their yearly dose of Vitamin   D. You can almost feel the rush of fitting in every summertime activity before Fall starts and it can be a bit chaotic! Birthdays in our family are a plenty with my niece on August 21st and my Mom August 22nd.
We celebrated my Mom's by going to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim hidden around the Olympic National Forrest where you drive through and feed loafs of bread to the animals. They animals literally come up to your car, slobbering all over it naturally, to snatch a piece of bread from your hands. It can get a little intense when you drive through the buffalo area, since you are requested not to stop because the buffalo can ram your car and cause damage. I think they do this on purpose when they stand in front of your car preventing you from moving. Buffalo need their bread too!! 
Also made my August birthday girls a deluxe vanilla caramel cake. Yum! Makes me want a slice right now... yes at 8:30 in the morning, don't judge!